Bring Music Home For The Holidays

Absolutely every activity has come to the home this year. We have all had to figure out how to conduct business, socialize, entertain, and relax, all from the confines of our homes. One of the many silver linings of this year is the impact it has had on musicians.

Thousands of children and adults alike have picked up an instrument for the first time, learnt to record music at home, delved into songwriting, and so much more. Fender CEO Andy Mooney reported in November they are on track to sell more guitars this year than they ever have in the 74 year history of the company. This has incited hope in people the world over, us included, that there may just be a very bright future for musicians.

There are countless stories to tell of people who have done incredible things throughout their time in lockdown and quarantine.

Undertaking online music lessons has grown the number of musicians in the world exponentially, Live Streaming has allowed artists to connect with their audiences in new ways, and collaborative composition via online meetings has brought about thousands of songs and compositions we would have never heard.

Musicians and non-musicians alike finally had a chance to step back and focus on the things they never had time to do; learning to record at home, learning to DJ, and simply connecting with family through music and jam sessions.

It's not too late

We’re of course not quite out of the woods yet as far as our time indoors is concerned, and with the holidays approaching, the same is true for thousands of children.

But the hope that this brings is the fact that there is still time for more people to pick up the guitar for the first time, dust off the old keyboard, or setup that home recording studio.

Music only thrives when there are people actively creating, experiencing, and interacting with it, and by every estimation, 2020 is shaping up to be a record year for the thing we love most.

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