Studio Controllers

Controllers are very often also referred to as MIDI controllers. And, are yet another crucial piece of gear when it comes to production, recording and live performance to

What is meant by a controller? Well, there are many different types of midi controllers so it is quite hard to give a general explanation. But in basic terms, the controller acts as somewhat of a middleman between the input of sound between an instrument and, your digital device such as a computer or tablet. it is important to note that some MIDI controllers have been designed to be optimised to do a certain thing. For example, a MIDI drum pad is more suitable for controlling or creating beats. As opposed to using it for playing piano where a MIDI keyboard controller would be the better option.

But controllers Don’t Stop there. Not only are they used as an input device to interact with your digital devices. But they are also used as their name would suggest to control and trigger different elements of music performance or recording.

So with that in mind, we can essentially split controllers into two main applications and functions. The first is using a MIDI controller to create or play music. the second application and function of a MIDI controller is when used to control your recording software.

It is also important to note that controllers don’t only extend to recording. But also can be very common with guitarists. For example, controllers are very often used to create Presets with analogue pedals or to control multiple amplifiers.