Live Sound
  • Amplifiers


    The amplifier used for live sound is the backbone to any production or show one wishes to put on. But, these amplifiers for live sound are slightly different…
  • Cables & Stage Boxes

    Cables & Stage Boxes

    As much as well all wish for a wireless and cable-less world. It is not happening quite as rapidly as some would expect. Due to this, there are…
  • Effects & Processors

    Effects & Processors

    What are Effects and processors for live sound? These refer to things such as any effects or preamps that are used in the live performance or live stage…
  • Lighting


    Proper lighting for any live event, gig or show is something which is so often overlooked. It is only until one experiences a show with zero lighting to…
  • Live Sound Accessories

    Live Sound Accessories

    As with Any item of gear, there will always be accessories surrounding it that are essential. This is no different for live sound gear. For example, you’ve bought…
  • Microphones


    Live microphones have been designed with one specific thing in mind. And that is for live purposes. Sure, they are found in studios all over the world and…
  • Mixers


    Once you have considered the microphones, amplification, cabling, speaker and monitoring, you will find that you need some way of controlling all of it. This is where the…
  • Portable PA Systems

    Portable PA Systems

    Any traveling performer knows that there is a fortune of gear involved in setting up for a gig. Components include an amp, speakers, mixers etc. All of which…
  • Speakers


    The speakers are an essential element to any live rig. After all, this is what is producing the sound for your audience to hear. From this we can…
  • Stage Headphones

    Stage Headphones

    One of the most important factors to a good performance is the ability to be able to hear and monitor one's self. Without monitoring in a live situation,…
  • Stage Monitors

    Stage Monitors

    In a typical live scenario, the speaker get pointed towards the audience. And, the performers/band is set up behind the speakers to avoid any potential feedback issues. By…

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There is always some form of gear needed and required to run and perform a successful show. The scale and type of show will of course dictate the type and amount of gear needed. But, whatever size live sound rig you need, we got you covered.

Weather you are a solo act needing a portable rig, a band looking for a practice and gig set up or an aspiring sound man, we have everything you could possibly need to put on a memorable performance night after night.

When putting together a live show there are some essentials that are always required. Front of house speakers, a mixer, microphones, amplifiers as well as monitors as some of the most important items. a good performance and live show has to sound good. But, it also has to look good too. This is achieved by using different types of lighting. Of which, we have a lighting solution for your needs.