Studio Effects Processors

Once you have your studio set and you’re ready to record, you might find yourself wanting to take things a step further by adding effects and signal processors to your chain. Defining this broad range of gear is simple. Essentially, Effects and Processors are pieces of gear used to effect and/or control the input sound to the desired output sound for the producer or engineer.

Studio effects often come in the form of units designed to fit into the universal studio rack. These effects units allow the producer to add the desired effect such as delay, reverb and compression to the recorded sound. Something to keep in mind is that you can get these with multiple studio effects built into one unit. Or, some of these studio effects are designed to do one thing. An example of this would be the the classic Lexicon reverb studio effects unit.

This category also includes signal processors. What these do is allow for the conversion and processing of digital inputs so they can be used in your DAW music software. They then convert your signal back into analog so that the sound can be monitored and/or sent to other external processors.