Keyboard Accessories

If you’ve purchased a keyboard, piano, synth or midi controller. Then you have most likely found out that you require certain accessories to play properly and get the most out of your beloved instrument.

There are various piano accessories that one would need. And luckily, we stock them all for your convenience.

A Keyboard Piano bench: If you wish to sit when you play/perform with your piano or keyboard then you need the proper tool for the job. For this, you’ll require a proper piano bench. We have a selection of benches for the piano. Some of which are adjustable. Others come with features such as storage for papers etc under the seat.

Keyboard Stands: Another important keyboard accessory are stands. These are mostly important for live performances however many keyboard players will make use of a keyboard stand in the studio too. We have adjustable keyboard stands as well as multiple tiered stands so you can stack your keys and synthesizers.

Sustain & Damper Pedals are possibly the most crucial accessory of them all. As these allow you to truly replicate the control one has over a traditional piano.

Keyboard bags & Cases: We also have a wide selection of bags as well as hard cases to store and travel with your beloved instrument. See our fantastic range of keyboard bags and cases below.