DJ Controllers

The midi controller is a common instrument found in home studio as well as professionals all over the world. However, whilst these common midi controllers can be used for DJ & beat production, they are not the most suitable tool for the trade. This is due to the fact that there are specialised Beat production controllers on the market. As well as specialised DJ controllers.

Their fundamental function remains the same as all other midi controllers in that they serve as an input device to both create music or control software.

The Beat producers Controller

A beat producer will typically use one of two kind of midi controllers. The first being a trigger pad controller. Something such as the Akai MPC Element or the NI Micro MK2 would be perfect for this. The second type of controller is a midi controller keyboard with built in trigger pads. A great example of this would be the Novation Launch Key.

The DJ Controller

A DJ will use a different type of controller. They will come in the form of a CD/USB controller. These allow you to mix and blend music together as well as create loops etc.