Drum Microphones

Replicating the true sound of the acoustic drum kit. Both in the studio, as well as in a live setting, has been a challenge for decades. Luckily, we live in an age where technology is so advanced that we have specially designed microphones to record, as well as amplify the drum kit in ways that were previously never possible.

But, there is not one microphone to suit the drum kit as a whole. Instead, there are different drum microphones made for the different components of a drum kit.

For example, mic’ing up a bass drum will require a completely different microphone to the snare drum and the toms. The reason they require different mic’s is because each drum and cymbal produces a different range of frequencies.

Therefore, we need different microphones to be able to record or amplify the acoustic drums. We offer sets of drum microphones that will include special microphones for each part of the drum kit. Alternatively, we also have single drum microphones if you do not wish/require a full set.