Proper lighting for any live event, gig or show is something which is so often overlooked. It is only until one experiences a show with zero lighting to fully understand and appreciate the importance a decent light set up can be on the overall production. Lighting adds an extra sensory element to any show and can be the difference between a memorable or a forgettable performance.

One does not always need the most advanced lighting rig to achieve results. Instead, it is about knowing what to look for when buying the correct lights for live purposes. The most effective lighting rigs are often the simplest. Because the person setting it up knows what to look for,.

As with any gear, your needs will dictate your choice. However there are two main categories of stage lighting you’ll want to be aware of. These include:

1) The Spotlight: This is the most common light and a must have for any production. There is a lot of choice when it comes to buying spotlights in terms of how big/small they are, the power they require, the globe required as well as the features each spotlight comes with.

2) Parabolic aluminised reflector Cans: Also known as “PAR Cans” . These can be used to achieve and create more ambient types of lighting.