Guitar Accessories

Guitar accessories is a category that encompass all guitar related products that provide a service to the guitar player. Some accessories are more essential to playing guitar than other. As a result, we thought we’d outline the various guitar accessories we stock and how they can help you with your guitar playing.

Guitar Tuners: There are a lot of different types of guitar tuners on the market. Whilst the function of all these tuners remain the same, their designs differ. Some tuners are designed to clip onto your guitar. Whilst others are standalone devices with built in metronomes.

Guitar Straps: If standing up and playing the guitar is something you desire, then you will need a strap to achieve this. We have a great selection of straps that come in different colours, materials and designs.

Guitar Picks: For such a small piece of gear, the guitar pick is one that can have a drastic effect on the overall tone and feel of the guitar. Softer picks are best for strumming whilst harder picks are better for lead. Our selection of picks include different shapes, gauges and materials.

Guitar Slides: Slides are an accessory used by guitar players to get a tone that would otherwise not be possible without one. Slides however comes in different materials which will of course impact your sound. We have glass, steel, brass and ceramic slides for all your needs.

Guitar Stands: Once you’ve bought your precious guitar or bass, you’ll want to keep it protected and minimize any chance of it falling or getting damaged. This can be achieved with a guitar stand or case. Of which we have a fantastic selection.

More Guitar Accessories: Furthermore, our range of accessories include guitar cables, components such as tuners and pick guards. As well as upgrade packs and guitar maintenance kits.