Besides for the type of wood used on a guitar, the pickups installed will have a drastic impact of the voicing of your guitar. Because of this, there are a lot of options when it comes to pickups. For that reason, they are worth paying closer attention to when upgrading your guitar.

Swapping out the pickups for new one’s can completely transform any guitar. And they have the potential to take a more affordable guitar and turn it into a tone machine with a simple pickup swap.

When taking this all into account, it is no wonder the market is flooded with choices when it comes to pickups. Here are some popular pickups to look out for:

Single Coils: These were the first electric guitar pickups ever designed. And they’re responsible for some of Rock and Pop’s most classic sounds. Think Jimi Hendrix and the single coil pickup definitely comes to mind. These are generally found in Stratocaster and Telecaster type guitars. However they often come with the downside of the 60-second-cycle hum

Humnbuckers: to combat the problem of the 60- second cycle hum, the humbucker was invented. As its name suggest, its purpose is to eliminate unwanted noise and frequencies. The tone you get from a humbucker is often thicker to that of a single coil.

The world leader and number 1 brand when it comes to guitar pickups is definitely Seymour Duncan. We have a wide range of Duncan pickups as well as other brands such as mighty mite.