Studio & Recording
  • Broadcast & Video

    Broadcast & Video (72)

    The world of podcasting, broadcasting, vlogging and YouTubing is definitely one that is growing. And whilst a lot of Broadcast and video requires the correct camera equipment, it…
  • Podcasting & Mobile

    Podcasting & Mobile (68)

    One of the factors helping the proliferation of podcasts is that the barrier to entry is almost non-existent. All you need is a good quality microphone and something…
  • Audio Interfaces

    Audio Interfaces (55)

    The audio interface is perhaps one of the most important pieces of gear when it comes to recording music digitally. In fact, proper audio recording is not possible…
  • Music Software

    Music Software (1)

    Music software is a broad term that we use to encompass any piece of music related software that can be used in conjunction with a digital device such…
  • Portable Recorders

    Portable Recorders (8)

    The portable audio recorder allows for the recording of high quality and professional audio with the convenience of being designed small enough so they can be taken and…
  • Recording Headphones

    Recording Headphones (5)

    A certain type of headphone is required for studio recording. And, as one would expect, they are called studio headphones. What makes these different is that they provide…
  • Recording Microphones

    Recording Microphones (46)

    The quality of recording microphone is one that should never be overlooked. Many producers around the world believe, all that is required for a successful recording is a…
  • Studio Accessories

    Studio Accessories (53)

    Setting up a recording studio will come with a lot more than just the pieces of gear themselves. There are often various accessories for different applications in the…
  • Studio Bundle

    Studio Bundle (2)

    Creating and setting up a studio requires the purchasing of various pieces of important equipment. For example, one will need a sound card, microphone, recording software and a…
  • Studio Controllers

    Studio Controllers (7)

    Controllers are very often also referred to as MIDI controllers. And, are yet another crucial piece of gear when it comes to production, recording and live performance to…
  • Studio Effects Processors

    Studio Effects Processors (6)

    Once you have your studio set and you’re ready to record, you might find yourself wanting to take things a step further by adding effects and signal processors…
  • Studio Mixing Desks

    Studio Mixing Desks (11)

    The mixer for studio is an essential piece of equipment. It’s primary job is to receive multiple inputs. and integrate them into one output sound. The inputs come…
  • Studio Monitors

    Studio Monitors (42)

    Studio monitors, much like studio headphones, are used as an essential output device to listen to recordings in such a way that provides the most detailed and true…

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The setting up of a studio is one that requires a number of different components. Even a small home studio will require the same basic elements of a professional and large recording studio.

At Paul Bothners, we have a selection of all these different studio and recording components. That will suit engineers and producers from all levels. As well as all budgets.

The critical sound and recording equipment we have on offer include: Audio interfaces, studio monitors, studio headphones, input devices such as midi controllers and trigger pads. We also have a large selection of recording microphones, music software as well as effects processors and studio accessories.

Our range include only the best and top brands in the studio and recording market.