Studio Mixing Desks

The mixer for studio is an essential piece of equipment. It’s primary job is to receive multiple inputs. and integrate them into one output sound. The inputs come from the various instruments being recorded. If a full band were to be recorded, you’d have multiple inputs in the form of guitar, bass and drums etc. These signals then need to be controlled from a central point. And that is where the studio mixer comes in. The engineer or producer will take the sound being recorded and control both the volume and EQ of each individual signal.

Studio mixers come in an array of different channel inputs. So before purchasing your studio mixer, make sure you consider the most amount of single you’ll be recording at any one time.

Something important to point out when it comes to studio mixers is that they come in two main types. These two types are analog and digital. Whilst analog were the first types of mixers to come about, the introduction of digital has revolutionised the industry. Having said that, there are still analog mixers being used and there’s much debate among engineers and producers and to which one is better.

Analog mixers tend to be simpler to operate and understand. However, it is often said that digital mixers have more features and capabilities but can be a lot more complicated to learn.

Some studio mixers, both digital and analog come with effects built in. Which is definitely something to consider making your purchase. Whatever the case, we have the best selection of studio mixers online in SA.