Classical Guitars

Classic guitars, as their name would suggest, are used by classical guitar players. However, despite being one of the oldest string instruments, They can still be seen in modern music. But, they are not quite as prevalent as their acoustic counterparts.

These classical guitars are often referred to as “nylon” guitars. This is due to the fact that they make use of nylon type strings instead of steel which can be found on acoustic and electric guitars. The nylon type strings mean that these classical guitars sit with much less tension compared to their steel counterparts. But Despite the different use of strings, Classic guitars are designed and function in very much the same way as regular acoustics.

For example, both amplify the string by allowing vibrations to travel throughout the hollow body of the guitar. This allows for a natural amplification that is just not as possible with electric guitars.

It is often said that classical guitars are the best choice for beginners guitarists to learn on. Due to the fact that the nylon strings are much easier and lighter on the fingers.

Many modern day classical guitars come with a built in preamp which allow you to plug them into an amp or straight into a sound desk for amplification. We have a choice of classical guitars both with and without pickups. To suit the needs and budget of all levels of guitar players.