Giuseppe Contaldi  – Guitar Teacher

Giuseppe is the latest edition to the Gryphon Music Academy team, and teaches at the Plumstead store from Monday to Friday.

Giuseppe was inspired to begin playing electric guitar after attending the Music Festival “Sonisphere” in June, 2011 and seeing some of his favorite bands perform live. Acts such as Metallica, Megadeth, Biffy Clyro, Motorhead and Slipknot.

After searching for somewhere to study music full time he found COPA (Campus of Performing Arts) where he began a 6 year journey to study the electric guitar. These six years would include the study of many different styles and shifts in musical interest. After learning blues, funk, rock, heavy metal, soul, jazz-fusion he graduated with a Bmus Hons degree in Contemporary Guitar performance from the University of Chichester in the UK.


Warwick Levey – Guitar & Bass Teacher


Warwick Levey started The Gryphon Music Academy in 2007. He has worked as a professional musician since 2004

Lessons are tailored specifically to each student. Regardless of style or level of proficiency a syllabus will be written with your goals in mind. If you’re looking to play acoustic pop songs, blues, a few songs around the camp fire or learn to shred, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Gryphon Music Academy.

If you want to learn Led Zepplin, you’ll learn Led Zepplin. If you want to learn Taylor Swift, you’ll learn Taylor Swift. If you want to learn Justin Beiber, you’ll learn Led Zepplin

Warwick’s Motto is “Turning players into musicians”. “At the Gryphon Music Academy we believe in teaching players of all levels to not just play the instrument, but to think about the entire scope of the instrument in the context of music. Besides learning the practical side of playing, you will also learn music theory, song writing and instrument maintenance.” – Warwick


Trevor Fischer – Keyboard & Piano Teacher


Trevor says: “It’s a time filled with anticipation and excitement as you or your child prepares to become acquainted with music terms, developing new skills, and to achieve goals.

‘Flexibility’ will continue to be my goal, in assisting you in achieving the best, as I will always be part of ‘creating stars for the future’.

We all have an important role to play in this progress. Looking forward to ensuring that this will be an exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding year as you start this journey to become a successful musician…”



Brendon Alexander – Drum Teacher


His dedication to the art of teaching the drums has allowed his students to follow a natural yet creative path with regards to either pursuing the drumset as a hobby or playing in a band

The fundamentals of drumming are taught at a practical and methodical pace allowing the student to adapt and learn according to their specific needs and individual ability

Students are assessed and given relevant feedback on a regular basis and encouraged to adhere to a strict practice routine enabling them to progress as a musician behind the drumkit Commitment is essential therefore students are also expected to attend their lessons on a monthly basis at least once/week

Students are assessed from the age of five upwards and lessons are given Mon through to Fri afternoons in store

082 409 4690

Somerset West

Do Re Me Music School


Proudly associated with Paul Bothner Music, the Do Re Me Music School, was founded in 1984. Run by Duncan Combe, their studios are situated close to the Somerset West Branch. Individual lessons are offered on Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Sax and Clarinet.


N1 City

Urban Beat


Our N1 City branch has teachers for drums, guitar, bass, and piano or keyboards…

Devon de Swardt – Guitars, bass

Natalie Robinson – Keyboards and piano

David Miles – Drums (Saturdays)



Notes Music School

If you would like to discuss lessons or book a time slot, please contact:
Jean Marais

Mark Ellis – Bass teacher


Mark Ellis started his studies in music at the age of 13, when he first learned to play the guitar. Seven years later he decided to pick up the bass guitar and it stuck.
Since he started playing bass he has been the bassist for numerous groups such as Slagyster and brother & brother. Currently he is the bassist for the young folks as well as Riku Latti.
This diverse set of groups introduced him to different genres which further fueled his passion for playing the bass guitar.
Mark describes the bass guitar as an instrument which opened up other dimensions of music to him and he wishes to introduce this to every aspiring bass player.



Jean Jacques Marais – Drum teacher

Jean Jacques Marais first started his musical career at the age of 12, when he co-founded his first band, Fudge. Shortly after his first steps onto the stage he replaced another drummer to become drummer for a second band as well.

Over the following few years he regularly performed, and recorded three albums with the two groups Fudge and Antipathy, while using the exposure to get to grips with his chosen instrument. He played a number of big festivals such as Grahamstown Arts and Music Festival 2004, Woodstock 2004 and Ramfest 2008 and 2013 to name a few.

Jean recorded two albums with recognized and independent musician, Riaan Nieuwenhuis (former Delta Blue keyboardist) and he also recently started with free lance work for both Kevin Kieswetter, who use to play for internationally recognized band, Dorp, and Riku Lätti, who needs no introduction in Afrikaans music circles.



Rory Skinner – Guitar Teacher

Rory Skinner is a renowned guitarist within the SA music industry, starting at the age of 15, he now plays for two great performing bands, Titan guitar duo, a unique blend of flamenco and electric guitar, and Nebula Disrupt, an extreme metal band. Rory received his bachelors degree in music and music technology in 2012, as well as having grade 8 in classical guitar and grade 8 Rockschool.



Jean Village

Vaughan Hamilton – Piano teacher

Vaughan teaches piano through the Trinity, Royal school and Unisa programmes from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and above. He also teaches beginners of all ages from the “Alfred’s” basic piano courses.

The lessons usually happen on a weekly basis and last for about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the circumstances. He also teaches harmony, theory, and composition.

071 565 8693






Sean Kensleer – Drum teacher

Sean Studied music at Pretoria Tech and teaches drumming to people of all ages. Children wishing to study drumming with Sean must be able to count because time-keeping is an issue and requires counting skills.

Sean focuses on the Rock School and Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus. He teaches ideas using methods which includes learning rudiments on a practice pad and the application of those techniques onto a full kit. He also teaches students how to read music. Being a diverse stylist, his lessons cover a range of genres which include Jazz and Latin music.


082 893 988

Nico Brewis – Guitar Teacher

Nico Brewis as been active in the music scene as a guitarist and vocalist for decades, he specializes in modern contemporary styles and has seen action in studios, live TV, and live performance in South Africa, Canada and England. He’s been teaching beginner and intermediate guitarists for many years. Some of these have gone on to successful careers.

He focuses on getting musicians ready for any musical situation and style, be it rock, reggae, folk, funk, jazz or pop. This goes all the way from how to develop guitar technique, getting good live sound, stage presentation, and finding a strong musical voice in performance, and songwriting.

He has a strong background in electric and acoustic disciplines in the praise and worship world, makes his own guitars, and has a range of analog guitar pedals which he custom builds for players’ needs. He is passionate about seeing people develop their talents and musical expressiveness.


012 644 9200

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