Drum Heads

Drum heads, Also known as Drum skins, are such an integral part of the overall part of the drum sound.

Also, Replacing drum heads are an inevitable part of any drum kits life. Weather you’re needing to replace your head or change your tone, we have an option for you.

There are various reasons why a drummer would need to replace their drum heads. The first and most common reason for drum head replacement, is due to old age. Often constant use, can cause skins to become worn and thus, lose their feel and tone. And, become more prone to breaking.

Secondly, a drummer will replace their heads if they would like to achieve a different tone or sound from their drum kit. For example, choosing a thicker drum skin will result in a tone that sustains and resonates for longer. whereas a thinner skin is often brighter.

Thirdly, skin replacement will occur when a drummer would like to change the way their drums feel. For example thicker heads will respond and feel different to thinner heads.

There are some more things to consider besides the thickness when buying and/or replacing drum heads. Drum heads come in different materials which once again. will affect the sound, feel and response. There are two main ways to distinguish between drum head materials. They are: coated vs. Non-coated.

If you decide to opt for the coated drum heads, you can expect a longer lasting skin but the sound will not be as resonant if you were to choose a clear head.

Ultimately, the sound and feel you want to achieve from your drumkit should guide you when buying the correct drum heads to suit your needs.