Guitar Strings
  • Ukulele & Folk Strings

    Ukulele & Folk Strings

    Strings for ukuleles and folk music instruments like banjos, mandolins, and others.
  • Electric Guitar Strings

    Electric Guitar Strings

    One would not think that the type of string would affect the sound of the electric guitar. Because so much is happening electronically after the strings (pickups, cable,…
  • Bass Guitar Strings

    Bass Guitar Strings

    As far as generalisations go, Bass players are not quite as obsessive about tone as guitarists. However, many bass players are fast realising that experimenting with different types…
  • Acoustic Guitar Strings

    Acoustic Guitar Strings

    There are plenty different options when it comes to guitar strings for the acoustic guitar. And, for very good reason. Because, the type of string you decide to…
  • Classical Guitar Strings

    Classical Guitar Strings

    One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing guitar strings are the gauge. Whilst this is true for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The classical and…

We stock a wide range of different types of guitar strings from various brands. As well as in different gauges to suit guitar playing styles and tastes.

Whilst the concept of a guitar string may seem simple at face value. There is, in fact, a lot that goes into manufacturing these consumables. To ensure that the end product is a string that enhances the overall sound and feel of your guitar.

Different types of guitars will require different strings. For example, a classical guitar will need nylon strings. An acoustic guitar will require acoustic steel strings. And electric guitar strings are similar to acoustic strings but have been designed especially for electrics in mind.

Keep in mind that strings come in different gauges. The gauge of the guitar string refers to the thickness. A lighter gauge, such as 9’s or 10’s, is preferred by lead guitarists. Whereas rhythm players may tend towards heavier gauges such as 11’s