Drum Hardware

Hardware for drums are required to complete pretty much any given drum set up. Hardware is needed for different applications. For example, you will not be able to play your snare drum if you do not have a stand for it. And you will not be able to play your cymbals if you don’t have cymbals stands. Also, Sitting properly behind the drumkit will also require a piece of hardware in the form of a throne. Furthermore, playing the kick drum is next to impossible without a kick pedal.

Another example is needing a hi-hat clamp for the hi-hats to function properly.

You can see from the examples above that these pieces Drum hardware such as Thrones and symbol stands provide a crucial role in any drummers set up.

There are of course other less essential pieces of drum hardware such as clamps that are not necessarily as crucial but will offer a solutions to specific drumming need. All of which are available via our online store.