If you are in the pursuit for drum cymbals, then you have most certainly come to the right place. Paul Bothner music is South Africa’s number one supplier of Zildjian cymbals. due to this, we have a cymbal to suit the requirements and budget for any level of drummer.

Our Cymbals for sale include all the different types. Such as, Hi-Hats, Ride cymbals, crash and splash cymbals. Which, just scratch the surface when it comes to the cymbal variety. Furthermore, we offer cymbals for drums in various sizes and models.

You can buy cymbals in packs, which are great for beginners. For example a set of ZHT cymbals by Zildjian would be great for this. Alternatively, you can browse our selection of single cymbals.

It is always important to keep in mind that different cymbals will produce different tones and sounds. Depending on the materials that they were made from. As well as their thickness and the shape in which they were created. Therefore we always recommend looking out for the different tonal characteristics that each specific cymbals is known for. For example an alloy symbols produce a much brighter tone.