Guitar Compact Pedals

Compact pedals, often referred to as “stomboxes”. These are floor based effects that allow guitarists to engage and disengage the effect by using one’s foot. The need for these came from an obvious problem. as a guitar player cannot use his/her hands to turn on/off the pedal.

The market for stompboxes is massive and there are constantly new pedals arriving onto the scene. However, with that being said, there are definitely some classic pedals that are still absolute mainstays of the pedal world. An example of such a compact pedal would be the classic Boss DS-1.

The stompbox was designed to achieve and do one specific thing. For that reason, we like to think of the pedals as their own little characters in a box. However, there are some compact pedals out there in stombox form that can produce multiple effects. Such an example would be the Zoom Multistomp compact pedals.