Guitar Effects

Guitar pedals allow us to further enhance the sound of the instrument as well as allow guitarists to achieve and create sonic spaces that otherwise were not possible without them. We live in a time where the pedal market is flooded with different brands and models. This leaves many guitarists of all levels with an overwhelming choice.

We only stock the best effect pedals so you don’t have to waste your time with badly made pedals. Below is a quick guide to help make buying guitar pedals an easier task for you.

Ultimately, the sound and overall style of music you want to achieve will dictate the types of guitar pedals you want to buy. For example, a blues guitarist will definitely opt for overdrive pedals such as the Ibanez Tubescreamer. Whereas a metal guitarist will go for the higher gain pedals like the Boss Metal Zone.

Stomp Box Vs. Multi Effects: The world of pedals sees two main categories of effects. The first category are those single stompboxes. Which are usually designed to achieve one specific sound or effect. Multi-effects on the other hand combine more than one effect into a unit.

Analog Vs. Digital: Pedals generally come in either analog or digital. And sometimes are designed as combination between the two. Originally, pedals were only made to be analog. However, with technology advancements over the years. We see more digital effects coming about.

Types of Effects: The various types of effects will include overdrive, distortion, modulation, delay, reverb and wah. There are however many more unique pedals out there.

Utilitarian Pedals: Lastly, there are guitar pedals that don’t necessarily produce a sound. But, provide a crucial service to guitar players. Such pedals include tuner pedals like the Boss TU-3 , buffer pedals as well as pedal power supplies.