Digital Pianos

Digital Pianos have come along way. And, they take what we know a traditional piano to be and fully digitise it. Moving the piano properly into the 2st century. The fact that we now have pianos that are digital give us endless possibilities and advantages when it comes to practicing and playing piano. The digital piano resembles the traditional piano,. But they come packed with so many more features.

Not only do these digital pianos comes with on board effects such as reverb and chorus. But a lot of them come with other sounds built in such as organ and electric piano. Furthermore, these digital pianos allow the user to play with headphones on so that practice is possible at any time of day or night.

Some more advantages when it comes to these instruments are the ability to save presets as well as the capability of being able to jam along to your favourite songs via AUX input, blue or USB connectivity.

Brands and Manufacturers of digital pianos we stock include: Roland, Alesis, Casio and Dexibell. These are the front runners in the market for this specific instrument.