Stage Pianos

Despite the obvious fact that, as the name would suggest, stage pianos are designed and optimized for the stage. The question still remains.. What is it that makes a stage piano different to a regular piano.

The stage piano is made to replicate both the sound as well as the feel of the traditional piano that one would find in a home or classic orchestra. Stage Pianos are essentially digitised versions of these home pianos. And, they achieve this replication by incorporating keys that are weighted for a more real feel. Some stage pianos go a step further than this and even include a simulation of the hammer-like mechanisms found in traditional pianos.

Some stage pianos will resemble that of a traditional upright or grand piano. Whereas other stage pianos resemble more of a keyboard and synth like look whilst of course, still maintaining the weighted keys for authentic feel.

Furthermore, a stage piano will generally feature more sounds than just the traditional piano sound. These will often include e-piano, organ and sometimes modulated sounds. Also, some even come with built in effects to further enhance your stage sound.