Guitar & Bass
  • Electric Guitars

    Electric Guitars

    The introduction of the electric guitar to the world from around the late 1930’s has completely revolutionised modern pop and rock music. The electric has become somewhat of…
  • Acoustic Guitars

    Acoustic Guitars

    Find the perfect acoustic guitar for your needs with our wide range of instruments from top brands like Yamaha, Taylor, Fender, Cort, Gretsch and others. Acoustic guitars are…
  • Bass Guitars

    Bass Guitars

    Bass guitars provide a fundamental sound to modern-day music. The electric bass guitar also hasn't changed much since it's Inception nearly a century ago. With that said, there…
  • Classical Guitars

    Classical Guitars

    Classic guitars, as their name would suggest, are used by classical guitar players. However, despite being one of the oldest string instruments, They can still be seen in…
  • Ukuleles & Folk

    Ukuleles & Folk

    Ukuleles have become a popular choice of instrument to play. Especially over the last decade or so. Despite the fact that they very much resemble an acoustic guitar,…
  • Guitar Amps

    Guitar Amps

    Without some form of amplification, getting the desired sound out of an electric guitar is close to impossible. Sure, modern day pedals are providing ways for guitarists to…
  • Bass Guitar Amps

    Bass Guitar Amps

    The amount of options and brands to choose from when it comes to bass guitar amps can be somewhat overwhelming. Whilst a lot of bass players choose to…
  • Guitar Strings

    Guitar Strings

    We stock a wide range of different types of guitar strings from various brands. As well as in different gauges to suit guitar playing styles and tastes. Whilst…
  • Guitar Effects

    Guitar Effects

    Guitar effects pedals allow us to further enhance the sound of the instrument as well as allow guitarists to achieve and create sonic spaces that otherwise were not…
  • Guitar Accessories

    Guitar Accessories

    Guitar accessories is a category that encompass all guitar related products that provide a service to the guitar player. Some accessories are more essential to playing guitar than…
  • Pickups


    Besides for the type of wood used on a guitar, the pickups installed will have a drastic impact of the voicing of your guitar. Because of this, there…

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Shop online for a huge range of guitar brands and models. From electric, acoustic, and classical guitars, to bass guitars, amplifiers, and guitar effects, you’ll find what you need.

Before buying a guitar one needs to consider the overall sound as well as the essence of what one wants the guitar to achieve. For example, you can generally go one of three roots. The first being the acoustic guitar, the second the electric and the third the nylon string guitar. Within these three main categories of guitar, we offer a wide selection of different options for beginners to intermediate all the way up to the very professional.

Acoustic guitars make use of steel strings for a much crisper sound as opposed to nylon string/classical guitars which make use of nylon strings. Whilst the choice for acoustic guitars often come in either 6 string or 12 string options. Nylon guitars tend to only come with 6 strings. Something to consider when buying an acoustic or nylon guitar is if you want it to come with a built-in pickup/preamp.

Electric guitars, on the other hand, are comprised of a lot more components. Therefore there are more aspects to consider on the electric before purchase. For example, there are multiple pickup configurations to choose from. Ultimately, your needs and the sound you want to achieve should determine the choice.

When it comes to the bass guitar a similar question needs to be asked before purchasing. Typically a bass player will choose between either an electric bass guitar or an acoustic bass guitar, however, unlike regular guitars where the most common string configuration is 6 strings, bass players generally have to choose from a 4-string bass, 5-string or 6-string.

The world of guitar and bass has become so much more than just the instruments themselves included in this category. Related products include gear such as guitar and bass amps pedals strings as well as guitar accessories such as plectrums, guitar straps, and guitar string winders.