Keyboard Amplifiers

Some keyboards come with built in speakers and most allow you to hear with the use of headphones. However, neither of those two options are necessarily the best way to listen to the sound coming from your keyboard, piano or midi controller.

Sure, you could always plug your keyboard directly into a sound system. But for the reasons above, amplifiers have been designed specifically for keyboard. And, these amplifiers are optimised produce the desired tone that these instruments produce. Also, keyboard, pianos and synths require a special type of amplifiers because they cover a whole host of frequencies and octaves. All the way from very low bass notes to the higher notes. It is therefore essential that a keyboard amp can handle this full spectrum of frequency.

We have keyboard amps that are perfect for practice as well as live performance and everything in between. If you require a keyboard amp for practice then consider a smaller model with lower wattage. If you intend for your keyboard to be heard at the same level as a live band then would would want to consider a keyboard amp with a higher wattage output for more headroom.

Some of the top brands for keyboard amps that we recommend include Roland and Laney.