Audio Interfaces

Audio interfaces are perhaps one of the most important pieces of gear when it comes to recording music digitally. In fact, proper audio recording is not possible without one. Therefore when starting out, big or small, an audio interface is definitely one of the first places to start. Not only will you find audio interfaces in every Studio of every home producer. But, you will find audio interfaces in some of the world’s biggest professional recording studios

What is an audio interface? An interface allows you to convert raw audio from a microphone, guitar or a MIDI device. And it then processes that audio into a digital file.

There are many different audio interfaces on the market to suit the specific needs of each aspiring producer or musician. However, determining which audio interface is for you will come down to a few key elements. Besides for the obvious price Factor, one will need to decide what he/she would like to achieve in the recording process. With that in mind, choosing an audio interface becomes a much easier task. For example, an engineer for a large Studio will prefer a bigger audio interface in comparison to a home producer who most likely would only be recording one instrument at a time.

Another important factor to consider when buying an audio interface is deciding which ports on your device you will be using. For example, most PC’s would require a USB interface. Whereas some Mac users would prefer a FireWire interface or a Thunderbolt unit instead. whilst USB is the most common type of audio interface there are other options out there which are much faster.