Bass Guitars

Bass guitars provide a fundamental sound to modern-day music. The electric bass guitar also hasn’t changed much since it’s Inception nearly a century ago. With that said, there are now a lot more choices when it comes to bass guitar brands, configurations, sizes and types of wood used.

We have a fantastic choice of bass guitars to suit the needs of bass guitarists at any level from the very beginning, all the way up to the seasoned professional

When it comes to bass guitars,  two of the most common string configurations are the 4 string and 5 string basses. 4 strings are perhaps the most widely used. However, 5 strings are popular among bassists that require that extra low note. Often found in Jazz as well as metal music.

Something to consider when buying a bass guitar are the choice of pickups. For the most part, bass guitar pickups are often separated into ”Active” or “Passive” pickups. Active pickups need to be powered and thus require the use of a 9v battery. Passive pickups are the oldest form and require no power.

Also, some newer bass guitars on the market come with built in preamps on board. Examples are this are some Cort models which incorporate Mark Bass circuits for extra tonal possibilities and control.