Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars could be some of the most widely used musical instruments to this day. with such popularity comes an extensive world of choice. this is due to the fact that acoustic guitars are made in different ways, with different materials, to produce different sounds for different musical styles

An example of this would be a country or blues guitar player opting for a jumbo style acoustic. Whereas a popstar acoustic guitarist such as Ed Sheeran would opt for a smaller body size. Like a Baby Cort Acoustic for example.

The most common configuration for acoustics are the six string guitars. However 12-string guitars can be used to obtain a fuller and more unique sound.

like with any guitar, the choice of wood is vital to the type of sound you want to achieve. however the type of wood you choose for an acoustic guitar will impact the overall sound more so than in electric guitar.

and finally a very important choice to make when buying an acoustic guitar is to consider if there are any onboard electronics such as pickups and preamps. if you plan to use your guitar to plug-in for live or Studio purposes then you should strongly consider a model with a built-in pickup. however we also have models with out pickups . A cool feature on many acoustic guitar pickups is a built-in tuner.

Acoustic bass guitars lot less common than regular Acoustics however they are fast becoming popular among bass players around the world. Who wish to use them for acoustic live sets or simply as a means to achieve a more organic and natural sound. having said that the same considerations should be kept in mind when purchasing an acoustic bass as one word with a regular acoustic guitar.