Recording Microphones

The quality of recording microphone is one that should never be overlooked. Many producers around the world believe, all that is required for a successful recording is a good preamp and a great microphone.

Whilst some recordings can get away with one incredible condenser microphone. It is often common to find producers and engineers needing a wide selection of different studio microphones for different applications.
For example, a microphone such as the Rode K2 would be used for recording vocals. However, for recording a guitar amp, a dynamic microphone such as the SM57 by Shure is often the choice.

There are three common type of Recording Microphones commonly found in home and professional studios around the world. These include condenser microphones, dynamic microphones and ribbon microphones. However there are more including shotgun microphones as well as USB microphones.

Condenser Mics are the most popular microphone in the studio. The reason is due to their incredible versatility as well as the ability to pick up a full spectrum of nuances in your recording.

Whatever your needs, Paul Bothners has the best microphones for your studio