The Boss Pocket GT – Pocket Practice Powerhouse

What do you get when you cross Boss’s legendary guitar effects processing, an integrated YouTube learning platform, Bluetooth streaming, and USB audio interface capability… and put it all in a pocket-sized unit you can take anywhere?

Well… you get the Boss Pocket GT.  The pocket-size amp/effects processor pairs with your smartphone or tablet to create the ultimate go-everywhere lesson/rehearsal studio. Let’s take a look at what makes the Pocket GT tick.

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Genuine Boss GT Amps and Effects

As crazy as it may be to fathom, the Pocket GT is equipped with the same sound and effects engine found in the incredibly popular Boss GT-1. Meaning the unit delivers 100 world-class amps and effects, 99 user memories filled with ready-to-play sounds, all of which are fully customizable from scratch. And since the Pocket GT and the GT-1 share the same DNA, stored amp and effects setups can be exchanged via their respective Boss Tone Studio editors.

Legendary Learning Tools

The Boss Tone Studio Sessions has been built around learning and practice, with full Youtube integration allowing you to create YouTube song lists for quick recall, and loop sections for focused study. To take things even further, when you want to jam with backing tracks and other songs on YouTube, automatic user memory switching takes the experience to another level. For example, you can set a clean sound for the verse, crunch for the chorus, and high-gain drive with echo for your lead solo – and they’ll all change in real time as the video plays!

USB Recording & Bluetooth Streaming

The Bluetooth functionality in the Pocket GT allows you to stream music from any platform, not only Youtube, allowing you to play your way!

Speaking of playing your way, the USB output on the Boss Pocket GT provides the ability to record your guitars, using the unit as a USB audio interface.

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