Multi Effects pedals, as the name would suggest, are designed to house many different effects into one unit. Such popular examples of multi effects pedals would be the Boss Me-80 or the Line 6 POD.

These pedals are great because they eliminate the need for bulky pedalboards. And, often you are able to create and store presets which make live playing a breeze.

For the most part, Multi Effects pedals remain digital. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Companies such as Line 6 have come out with units such as the Helix which can easily compete with their analog counterparts in terms of sound.

Furthermore, a lot of the Multi effects pedals on the market give you the ability to connect to your computer or smartphone device to further tweak and control your effects.

Multi Effects don’t only come in the form of pedals. They also come in rackmount and table top form. These types of multi effects are better suited for the studio whereas the multi effect foot pedals are better for live and practice.