Roland’s Flagship TD-17 And TD-50 Exposed

Drum Month 2019 Super Session

Join us for our free Super Session! Come through for a double-header workshop, plus stand a chance to win prizes in our Fastest Hands contest and weekly Lucky Draw.  Our Super Sessions are proudly sponsored by Zildjian.

Double-Header Workshop

Where: Paul Bothner Music Parklands
Shop G32 Sandown Retail Crossing Shopping Centre, Corner Sandown Road & Wood Drive
When: 31 August 2019
Entry: Free


10:30 – Upskilling your Double Bass Technique 
11:00 – Roland’s Flagship TD-17 And TD-50 Exposed
12:00 – Fastest Hands Contest

Enter our Fastest Hands Contest

Enter on the day. Separate entries for over- and under-16’s. Bring your friends and see who can play the most drum strokes in 60 seconds! Zildjian sticks, stick bags, and vouchers up for grabs.

Headline Drum Clinic: Roland’s Flagship TD-17 And TD-50 Exposed

Roland electronic drum kits are the industry standard by which almost all other electronic kits are measured. But, have you ever wondered what sets them apart, and what the flagships models can do?

During this free drum month workshop, Sean and Ryan Nunan will put the Roland TD-50 and Roland TD-17 electronic drum kits through their paces. You will get the ideal opportunity to see what world-class drummers can do with industry-leading drum kits.

The Details

Where: Paul Bothner Music Parklands
Shop G32 Sandown Retail Crossing Shopping Centre
Corner of Sandown Road and Wood Drive
When: 31 August 2019
Time: Starts 11 am
Entry: Free

What to Expect

  • Introducing the Roland’s Flagship TD-50 Drum Kit presented by Sean Nunan
  • The benefits of incorporating a Roland SPDsx samplers into your rig presented by Sean & Ryan Nunan
  • Introducing the Roland TD-17 Drum Kit presented by Ryan Nunan

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More About the Nunan's

Introducing Roland Brand Ambassadors father and son team Sean & Ryan Nunan.

Sean’s drumming career spans over 20 years as a professional drummer and working musician. He is extremely influential and well known within the South African Drumming community and is a passionate educator.

His first love is performing live on stage. Sean plays over 200 gigs a year exclusively on Roland V- Drums and has been with the Roland family for the majority of his drumming career.

Sean proudly endorses Roland V- Drums and is currently playing Roland’s Flagship TD-50 with an SPD-sx sampler, Vater Sticks, Mackie In-Ear Monitors, Mapex Falcon Pedals and Proel Sound Systems.

Ryan Nunan is only 19 but has been playing the drums ever since he was three years old. Instead of the classic kid’s cartoons, he watched drumming instructional videos growing up.

Ryan is also a working musician who has performed with various artists and has been involved in many projects. Ryan has become a drumming social media influencer with over 7000 followers on Instagram, and posts weekly drumming videos of all types of genres of music especially Trap, progressive rock, Dance and EDM.

Ryan classifies himself as a DJ drummer. ‘I play on the latest Roland gear and currently playing Roland’s TD – 17 and SPDsx Sampler.