A Songwriters Inspiration

Do you ever find yourself facing writers block, or not knowing how to start a song? You are not alone! Song writers throughout history have struggled with finding and nurturing inspiration. So how do professional musicians find their muse?

Each songwriter is different and has a unique process. But, having said that, there is always value in knowing more about other people’s processes. During this FREE Guitar Frenzy workshop, the amazing Amy Jones will talk to you about her inspiration as a songwriter.

This is the ideal workshop for anyone musician, regardless of what instrument you play.

What to Expect

  • What motivated Amy to learn how to play the guitar
  • How she incorporated my guitar into song writing
  • Why Amy chose acoustic guitar for her music and later brought electric into her sound
  • Amy’s personal journey and how her guitar still inspires her today
  • Tips on how to keep an open mind when playing guitar

The Details

Date:     9 November 2019
Time:    11h00
Venue: N1 Value Centre Superstore,
                 Shop 71, N1 Value Centre, Goodwood
Cost:     FREE

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About Amy Jones

In November 2017, Amy Jones became the latest South African Artist to join the Faith Guitars Family. In October 2018 she went on to win the Dance Music Awards South Africa 2018 Best EDM Record of the Year.

Amy Jones the young and hip singer/songwriter has had listeners throughout South Africa singing and enjoying her music since she professionally launched her career in October 2016 with the release of her first single called “Sunrise”. Ever since the track release of “Sunrise” the sun has continued to shine upon Amy and her bright future as she has risen to stardom in her own right and has certainly moved on from the contender who once participated in and reached the top 8 females in the renowned South African Idols season 9.

Amy Jones has established herself as an independent artist and a musical brand in her own right under the management of Jirah Productions. With clothing lines, international hair products and well know corporate brands and firms partnering with her and supporting her dream and she has developed and formed strong relations and partnerships with them all. Paul Bothner and Faith guitars being one of Amy’s strongest allies and partners supporting Amy and sowing into her dream and contributing to make it all possible.

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