Electric Guitar Strings

One would not think that the type of string would affect the sound of the electric guitar. Because so much is happening electronically after the strings (pickups, cable, pedals, amp etc). But, this is of course not true. In fact, guitarists are paying more and more attention to the types of strings they’re putting on their guitars because of the impact they can have.

The world of electric strings has come a long way since the days of only being able to use flat wounds. We now have various coated and non-coated options. As well as different manufacturers pushing boundaries with the new strings they bring to market. An example of this would be the new Ernie Ball paradigm electric strings. Which, are the only strings we know of to guarantee no breakages before 90 days.

However, still to this day the most widely used electric set of strings are the Ernie Ball slinkys. All one has to do is turn the packaging around and see the incredibly long list of top guitarists around the world who also make use of the slinkys.

We have a plethora of different options available when it comes to electric strings.