Bass Guitar Strings

As far as generalisations go, Bass players are not quite as obsessive about tone as guitarists. However, many bass players are fast realising that experimenting with different types of Bass strings are giving them different tonal options. And, by experimenting with different bass strings can help you find the perfect feel for your specific bass guitar.

So, we can see that buying bass strings is not so straight forward. But that doesn’t mean it has to be scary. We have the best range of bass guitar strings to keep you thumpin’ and grooving away.

Below are some things to consider when buying a set of bass strings.

How Many strings is your bass? We have sets of bass strings for most configurations. Which include 4 strings, 5 string as well as 6 string options. Within these options, you have further choice between different gauges. From light all the way up to extra heavy.

As we’ve already mentioned, the material of string you choose will affect the tone of your bass. For that reason we stock different materials to suit your needs. Such bass string materials include iron, phosphor, cobalt and nickel plated.

Wound or Unwound? The use of flat wounds is one that was exceptionally prevalent in music from the 60’s and 70’s. The wound strings eliminate the unwanted finger squeak and provide a more mellow tone. Whereas the non-would strings will generally have more attack and mid-range punch.