Acoustic Guitar Strings

There are plenty different options when it comes to guitar strings for the acoustic guitar. And, for very good reason. Because, the type of string you decide to go with, will definitely affect the sound your acoustic produces. It will also affect the way your guitar feels.

Coated vs. Non-coated: Acoustic strings generally come in either coated or non-coated options. One does not sound better than the other, because at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and taste. It’s also important to note that coated strings will feel different to non-coated.

Many acoustic guitar players are tending towards the Elixir strings due to the fact that they last much longer than regular strings. They also keep their crisp tone for longer.

Another popular string for acoustic guitars the the Ernie Ball Phosphor Bronze. These are possibly the most popular acoustic guitar strings at the moment.