Marshall CODE Amp Range

Marshall CODE Amps

There can be no doubt that Marshall is one of the most iconic amp brands of all time. From bedroom practise amps to amplifier stacks for stadium gigs, there is a Marshall for the job.

So it should be no surprise that Marshall has entered the digital amp market with their new offering – the Marshall CODE Series. The CODE ranges from a 25watt amp and goes up to a 100watt amplifier. Want to use your existing cabinet? Then the CODE 100 head is perfect for you.

The CODE has 24 effects features and the ability to recreate classic Marshall tones. The series is fully digital and including an app to stream music from your phone, and a global library of user presets that you can upload and download.

At the heart of the CODE concept is the ability to connect your amplifier to both Marshall Gateway and MyMarshall, allowing you to create, edit and share sounds.

The app lets you stream music from your phone as well as access a global library of user presets that you can upload and download to. 

To help find your sound from the comfort of your home, the Marshall CODE25 is the perfect amp for you. With 100 presets preloaded for you and its 25W, it’s powerful enough for you to easily start playing at gigs.  Another reason why the CODE25 amp is your go-to amp?

You can program it online or via your phone (IOS or Android) by using the Gateway app, so have it with you wherever you need to be.

For control and editing power, the CODE25 amp has 4 MST power amps, 8 MST speaker cabinets, and 14 MST preamps to create your unique sounds.

Lastly, upload your tunes via Bluetooth by making use of MyMarshall.

With 50W power, the Marshall CODE50 is the amp you need whether you’re creating music at home or in your garage. Also available with Bluetooth features, you’re able to stay connected to stream your music from your phone.

Have full control and editing power with its 4 MST power amps, 14 MST preamps, and 8 MST speaker cabinets.

Connect the CODE50 amp via USB to use the amp as a DAW interface to record your sound and stream it directly from your computer.

See the Amps in Action:

Wow the crowd on stage with 100 presets available for you with the Marshall CODE100 amp. Perform any music, anywhere with this powerful 100W amp. Edit your sounds on the road by connecting to your computer or phone.

With control over features such as modulation effects, delay effects, amplifier models, volume, treble, reverb effects, etc., you’ll be able to create your unique sound.

With 4 MST power amps, 14 MST preamps, and 8 MST speaker cabinets you’ll have full control and editing power.

Marshall CODE100H

The Marshall CODE100H is the ultimate amp to help any musician perform like a pro. With a fully programmable 100W head, you’ll be able to perform what you want, no matter the location.

Have full control and editing power for your sound as soon as you step off the stage by directly editing straight from your computer or phone. The CODE100H has 4 MST power amps, 8 MST speaker cabinets, and 14 MST preamps available for you to play with.

Get your sound out there by uploading your sound via MyMarshall to a global library of user presets.

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