Fender American Professional II Series

Amidst their most successful year yet, the quintessential electric guitar giant, Fender, has released an updated version of their American Professional Series. These, of course, being the Gold Standard for production electric guitars, are built in America with the highest production standards. These versatile instruments set the standard by which all electric guitars and basses are measured.

Fender have made some exquisite changes with their new American Professional II range, boasting upgrades that have contemporary players in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the most distinct differences.

Pickups: Included with the new series of guitars, is a new series of the V-Mod Pickups, the V-Mod II. The primary difference is a new approach to the coil winding, which now more closely resembles the prototype pickups designed by legendary pickup builder, Tim Shaw.

Push-Push Tone Selector: The American Pro II guitars come equipped with a Push-Push configuration tone knob switch, as opposed to the Push-Pull configuration of the previous generation. This is a great addition which is sure to add to ease-of-use.

Sculpted Neck Heel: The neck heel joint is now contoured to make access to the highest register far more comfortable.

Rolled Fret Edges: More attention has been payed to the fret edges, which are now more smoothly rolled.

Pine and Alder: With a focus on remaining environmentally conscious, Fender has opted to use Pine and Alder body woods in this range. This, of course, does have a tonal effect, as well as decreasing the overall weight of the guitars.

Cold-Rolled Steel Tremolo: The Tremolo Blocks have also been upgraded to Cold-Rolled Steel, affecting the high-end in a way players love.


Retaining the acclaimed Deep “C” neck profile that so many Fender aficionados enjoy, the American Professional II Strat’s neck provides extra comfort thanks to its smooth, rolled fingerboard edges.

“Push/Push” electronics open up the American Pro II Strat’s tonal palette too, allowing you to coil-split on the HSS models or add the neck pickup to switch position 1 with the SSS configuration – like a Tele!


If you’re looking for a classic Tele with a modern twist – the American Professional II Telecaster is a fantastic option!

The “Push/Push” electronics enable parallel/series operation on the standard model and coil-splitting functionality on the Deluxe Telecaster – opening up a whole new range of tonal possibilities.

One of our favourite updates brought to the American Professional II Telecaster is a completely redesigned “Top Loader/String-Through” bridge. Allowing you to thread the strings through the body or from the bridge plate like a late ‘50s Telecaster; your favourite restringing method can be accommodated for!


The American Professional II Jazzmaster includes a newly-designed bridge – the “Panorama” tremolo. This refined piece of hardware offers a smoother arm action so that you can embellish lush chords or melodic lead licks with some tasteful vibrato. A pop-in tremolo arm is another practical appointment found on this guitar.

The Jazzmaster also includes the rest of the new generation features found on the Strat’s and Tele’s!

Precision Basses

the American Pro II Precision Basses are stellar examples of not messing with a good thing, while still adding modern, player-friendly appointments.

The neck is one of the most noteworthy improvements, finished with Fender’s brand new “Super Natural” coating that ensures a non-sticky, friction-free feel. Rolled fingerboard edges enhance playability even further, with a sculpted neck heel that provides easy access to all 20 frets.

Another improvement includes Fender’s redesigned V-Mod II P-Bass pickup, which dishes out more output than the older version with better tonal balance to boot. 

Jazz Basses

Much like the rest of the Series, the American Pro II Jazz Bass has received contemporary player-friendly updates, such as the “Super Natural” finish, Rolled fretboard edges and a contoured neck heel joint for easy access to the upper register.

Sonically, the Fender American Pro II Jazz Bass has a potent voice thanks to its V-Mod II single-coil pickups. These ultra versatile pickups are clear and defined.

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