Rode VideoMic GO II – The New King of Content

Rode’s VideoMic range is what catapulted the brand into wild popularity among content creators, influencers and and videographers.

The company’s background and expertise in high-end studio recording microphones, and professional location shotgun mics set them well apart from the competition. Offering incredibly high-quality products at reasonable prices in what Rode are all about.

Enter 2022 and the just-launched VideoMic GO II – Rode have made a clear step into the future with their latest offering. Combining the tech behind their professional NTG series shotgun microphones, and their lightweight VideoMic series, the VideoMic GO II offers broadcast quality performance in an incredibly flexible (and affordable) package.

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What makes it great?

The Audio Quality

The VideoMic GO II features the same annular line tube technology as the Rode NTG range, and as such delivers rich, full-bodied audio that is perfect for a wide range of recording applications. It is a highly directional microphone, meaning it focuses on what you have it pointed at while rejecting background noise, giving you crystal-clear, professional sound with ease.

The Connectivity

The VideoMic GO II was designed with the diverse needs of modern content creators in mind, offering fully universal compatibility across devices.

A 3.5mm TRS jack is included for standard use with your camera, but it certainly does not end there. The mic is fitted with a USB-C output, allowing you to connect it to USB, USB-C, and iOS (lightning) mobile devices. And if you’re in need of a desktop based solution, when plugged into your computer, it turns into a fully functional USB microphone – perfect for anything from podcasting to video calls and voice overs to streaming. 

This really makes the VideoMic GO II unlike any other microphone in its class. When used in USB mode, the 3.5mm output doubles as a headphone output for easy audio monitoring and playback of your recordings. The unit is also fully compatibility with Rode’s collection of computer apps, allowing you to plug in and get recording, no fuss!

The Size

At a mere 89 grams, whether you have it attached to your camera, phone, or sat on your desktop as a USB microphone, the VideoMic GO II is never going to get in the way of you and your content.

The Price

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