Boss GT-1 & GT-1B – One Size Fits All

Boss, in the eyes of musicians the world over, has been the undisputed champion of guitar and bass multi-effects. From entry-level units, to flagship professional models, they produce high quality products all the way through.

When Boss released the GT-1 and GT-1B, they delivered a true dual-purpose option. The small form-factor and ease of use (not to mention the attractive price) attracted beginner and intermediate players everywhere; while the sound engine (the same sounds used in their professional-targeted MS-3) absolutely blew professionals away. Today these small units are found at the feet of some of the most successful players in the world.

It’s safe to say that only Boss could develop a product so well-suited to such diverse use-cases.

Let’s take a look at the features of the GT-1 and GT-1B that make them so great!

GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor

Guitar focused multi-effect pedal, with amp models and effects optimized for electric guitar.

GT-1B Bass Effects Processor

Bass Guitar focused multi-effect pedal, with amp models and effects optimized for bass guitar.

1-Series Highlights

GT-Series Engine:  The same sound engine that powers flagship units from Boss can be found in these unsuspecting pedals!

Tone Central: Download Pro patches, editing software, and more. All via USB connection.

Portable Power: Powered by either AC Power, or Battery for ultimate portability.

Construction: Compact, rugged construction, delivering the build-quality Boss is famous for.

Easy Patch Selection and Sound Creation: With three large illuminated selector buttons, switching between patches is a breeze.

Expression Pedal: The addition of high-quality expression pedal increases the versatility of these units indefinitely. 

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