Technical Exercises for Speed, Accuracy, and Dexterity

From bebop and metal to classical and pop, improving your speed, accuracy, and dexterity is never a bad idea. Even if you’re not a shredder, the ability to play fast when required will add nuance and colour to your playing. Even Eric Clapton, Mr Slow Hand himself will, when required, play a few fast runs.

This is the ideal workshop for all guitarists. If you are striving to play 16th notes at 240 bpm, or you just want to improve your stretch and accuracy, the technical exercises that Kody Chetty will teach you during this FREE Guitar Month workshop are invaluable. Use this opportunity to take your playing to new heights.

More Guitar Frenzy 2019

The Details

Date:     2 November 2019
Time:    10h00
Venue: Glenwood Village Music,
                 Shop 101/102, Glenwood Village Centre
                 Corner of Che Guevara Rd & Hunt Rd,
Cost:     FREE

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About Kody Chetty

In 1999 Kody Chetty completed his BMus Hons (UKZN/ UDW) in Classical music, composition and music production. Chetty wrote his Thesis on Modern Methods and Techniques of the Guitar. He works or has worked in almost all aspects of the Music Industry including Educator, Businessman, Salesman, Adviser, Designer, Arranger, Director, Manager, Entertainer, Player, and of course Artist.

He is currently the guitar lecturer and Head of Faculty at Campus of Performing Arts Durban.