Meet the Roland DJ Controller Range

The demands of the mobile DJ have always been high. They’re expected to be a DJ, an MC, lighting guy; the list goes on. While there’s nothing we can do about demanding clients, there is one thing we can control – the gear we use. The equipment we use should be intuitive, powerful, and able to handle anything we throw at it. That is why more modern DJs are turning to the Roland DJ Range of controllers.

The Roland DJ Range of controllers is a genuinely game innovation. That is because they are more than JUST DJ controllers; they’re full-on instruments! In addition to being a DJ controller, the DJ range has an on-board mixer, built-in drum sequencing, vocal processing and even integration for Serato!

Serato Integration

Through the partnership of Roland and Serato, you now have access to meld the best of software and hardware into one versatile unit. The DJ-808 seamlessly allows you to use Serato DJ software with the precise engineering with which Roland has become synonymous.

The Serato integration will allow DJs to discover new and creative tonal options, regardless of whether they’re on stage or in the studio.

Built-In Drum Machine

The built-in drum machine on the Roland DJ Range of controllers brings some of the world’s most popular drum samples to your fingertips.

Roland has worked hard to ensure that all the drum samples have the lowest latency possible. This will ensure that you get the best feel and response from the Roland DJ-808.

The integrated TR drum machine contains the Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hats and Clap from the TR-808, TR-909, TR-707, and TR-606 drum machines.

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We all love choice – which is why when it comes to choosing the right DJ unit, Roland has four options from which you can choose. The DJ 202 is the smallest unit in the range and is perfect for new and up-and-coming DJs.

The DJ 202 only has Serato light integration, so if you’re a little more advanced in Serato, and perform regularly, you should consider the DJ 505.

If you want a “no holds barred” DJ experience, and won’t settle for anything less than the best gear, try out the DJ 808. With full Serato integration, Roland “TR-S” drum machine, and AIRA Link ports, there is nothing the Professional DJ can’t do with the DJ 808.

Sometimes a mobile DJ is expected to be more than a DJ. They’re asked to be a sound engineer, lighting specialist, and more! For situations like these, the DJ 707M is unbeatable. With an integrated live sound console, loudspeaker management system, and fully-fledged performance DJ controller, the DJ 707M should be a permanent fixture in the mobile DJ’s rig.

Roland DJ 202 DJ Controller

The DJ-202 is a two-channel, four-deck controller that’s powered via USB and capable of being transported and set up with minimal effort. Its compact, lightweight design and easy-grab handles allow DJs the portability they need for all types of events—mobile applications, house parties, club rocking, beat battles, and more.

See the DJ 202 in Action

Roland DJ 505 DJ Controller

The DJ-505 is a two-channel, four-deck Serato DJ Pro controller packed with features, and the complete Serato Tool Kit is included as well. Its portability, coupled with a pro-grade build and advanced feature set, makes the DJ-505 ideal for mobile applications, club DJing, live performance, and production purposes alike.

See the DJ 505 in Action

Roland DJ 707M DJ Controller

The Roland DJ-707M is more than a controller; it’s an integrated live sound console, loudspeaker management system, and a fully-fledged performance DJ controller.

The compact DJ-707M is packed with more specifications than bulkier controllers that don’t fit in tight DJ booths and are hard to transport without an equipment van. It fits perfectly between turntables and DJ media players.

See the DJ 707M in Action

Roland DJ 808 DJ Controller

With the DJ-808, Serato and Roland bring the best of software and hardware together into a single instrument that ushers in a new era of DJ’ing. It melds the supreme power of Serato DJ Pro software with the genre-defining sound and precise engineering of Roland hardware. Decades of combined expertise give today’s producers and DJs state-of-the-art tools and innovative features that open up a new world of creative options, both on stage and in the studio.

See the DJ 808 in Action

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