Roland MC Groovebox Series with Two New Models

Occasionally a manufacturer will create an icon in their industry. But as technology moves forward, these icons can get a little outdated. For example, no matter how old you are, there is a good chance that you know the Nokia 3310, even though Nokia stopped making it. Occasionally though these icons get a revamp and are relaunched. And that’s exactly what Roland has done with the new MC Groovebox range.

While the concept for the Groovebox remains unchanged, the internal parts have been overhauled for a new generation of musicians. The new range will allow you to create complete productions, with no external gear.

Want more from your Groovebox? You can easily integrate it with modern computer-based music environments.

And best of all; if you have no formal music training, the Groovebox will allow you to create songs quickly and easily. All you need is a song in your heart and some time to spare.


Roland MC-101

The Roland MC-101 GROOVEBOX may be small but it has massive groove. Produce and perform anywhere of your choosing without having to worry about clutter or complications arising.

The MC-101 has all the great features of the MC-707, such as high-quality effects, sounds, and sequencing, in a compact version allowing you to take it anywhere.

See the Roland MC-101 in action:


The Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX is all about helping you move to a new groove. You can do anything with the MC-707 without needing a computer to do all the heavy-lifting for you. Control timing when recording audio and tweak the knobs and faders to create an “in the moment” experience for your captivated audience.

Roland MC-707

See the Roland MC-707 in action:

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