Introducing True Wireless Earbuds from Boya

Boya have been making a serious impression throughout the world of audio equipment. Manufacturing conferencing microphones, smartphone mics, vlogging solutions, and even professional USB desktop microphones, Boya have made a markable impression and solidified themselves as a brand with a dedication to quality and functionality.

Enter their new range of wireless earbuds –

Incredibly well-spec’d, and reasonably priced, the range of True Wireless Earbuds punch a few steps above their weight-class. 

Across the board, Boya’s wireless earphones offer high quality microphones for calls, earphone battery life of +/- 6 hours, and additional charging case battery life of +/- 21 hours

Let’s take a look at the BY-AP100 and the BY-AP4!

Boya BY-AP100

Reminiscent of the classic wireless earphone design, with a solid plastic mold and a premium feeling case, the BY-AP100’s are incredibly well featured for their price-point. Let’s take a look at some of the key features.

A premium, pebble-shaped, slide to open case.

Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity for an unquestionably stable connection reaching distances over 10 meters.

Smart-touch operation allows you to control the earphones with a simple touch.

Powered by 13mm drivers, the BY-AP100’s offer a formidable bass response which punch well above their weight-class.

Available in Black and White colour variants

Boya BY-AP4

Moving away from the traditional wireless earphone design, we have the Boya BY-AP4, the premium offering in the range, offering a host of additional features, as well as enhanced comfort.

The BY-AP4’s replace the molded plastic earpieces for isolating rubber earpieces which conform to the listeners’ ear. This massively improves both comfort and sound isolation.

The addition ofan induction coil means the BY-AP4’s are capable of wireless charging.

Automatic pairing to device without taking the earphones out of the case.

Available in three colour variants: White, Black, and Grey.

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