Built-In Microphone Letting You Down on Zoom?

If you’ve listened to yourself on a Zoom recording, chances are your voice will have sounded thin, echoey, and even distorted. All typical characteristics of the built-in microphones used in laptops and smartphones when used for online video calls. Not ideal for anyone wanting to make an impression with clients and co-workers.

Built-in microphones are designed to pick up sound from multiple angles and work best when the subject is up close to the device. The further away you are, the softer your voice and the louder the background noise. The simplest solution is to use a stand-alone microphone.

These range from in-expensive (suitable for work from home use) to broadcast-quality products for the professional or semi-professional. Boya microphones offer the work-from-home, entry-level podcasting, and vlogger customer a wide selection of options at pocket-friendly prices

A Microphone Solution for Laptops and Smartphones

The Boya BY-M1 PRO Universal Lavalier Microphone attaches to your clothing, ensuring your voice is picked up clearly above any surrounding noise.

The 3.5mm plug will connect with any laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a microphone input. Pro features include an attenuation switch to minimizes plosives when the sound source is too loud, plus a headphone output for monitoring.

Microphones for iOS Smartphones

For Apple iOS devices with a Lightning port, Boya offers two great options to give your online voice-quality a boost. The Boya BY-M2 is a single lavalier or lapel microphone with Lightning connector. The BY-M2D offers dual microphones for interviewing and other two-person applications. 

Microphones for Android Smartphones

For Android phones and other devices with a USB-C port, Boya offer the single lapel microphone Boya BY-M3 and the dual-microphone MY-M3D for interviewing and other two-person applications. These mics are priced right for anyone wanting to take their online audio quality up several notches.

A Microphone for Group Calls & Conferencing

Put a couple of people in the same room, sharing a built-in microphone during a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet call, and the audio really suffers. A desktop microphone like the Boya BY-MC2 Conference Microphone is the ideal solution. Featuring three microphone capsules, the microphone picks up sound in a 180 degree radius.

A USB Desktop Microphone Gives a Pro Look and Great Sound

A desktop microphone, with its larger diaphragm, gives a much richer, warmer tone to give your calls and podcasts a more professional sound. The Boya BY-PM700 lets you opt for omni-directional, cardiod, stereo and bi-directional pickup modes to suit various situations such as recording, interviews, conference calls, vocals, instruments, podcasts and more.

Complete Vlogging Solutions

For video calls and vlogging, the Boya BY-VG330 Universal Smartphone Video Kit offers directional shotgun microphone (to minimize surrounding noise) plus a smartphone stand. Need better lighting? Check out the BY-VG350 with added LED light.

They’re the ideal choice for YouTubers, vloggers, and anyone wanting to make a serious impression online.

The VG330 and VG350 microphone connects to most smartphones with a 3.5 mm plug. For iOS devices that only have a Lighting adapter, Boya offer the BY-K1 adapter.

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