Boss Waza Air Headphones – A World of Virtual Guitar Amplification

Virtual Reality in a visual context has become one of the most prolific technologies of the present day. It was only a matter of time until this was brought to the audio space, and it only makes sense that Boss, the unquestionable leader in guitar amplification innovation, were the ones to do it… and do it well.

Introducing the Boss Waza Air; a set of headphones designed to fuse Boss’ legendary amplification and effects modelling with groundbreaking spatial audio technology. In essence, the Boss Waza Air creates a moving 3D virtual space to deliver natural “amp-in-room” tone that’s rich, resonant, and infinitely inspiring.

Let’s take a closer look at the Boss Waza Air.

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The Amps & Effects

Before we get into all the 3D elements that make the Waza Air so unique, we first have to take a look at the most important fundamental factor – the guitar tones. Fortunately, as the unit is produced by Boss, they have absolutely knocked this out of the park.

Boss pulled the technology and modelling directly from their Katana range of amplifiers, and have provided for full customization of these tones  via the Boss Tone Studio smart device App.

Five different amp types provide tones from classic clean to high gain, plus a full-range setting that’s perfect for bass and acoustic-electric guitar. Over 50 effect types are available as well, including modulation, delay, and reverb effects optimized for the unique spatial experience. And with six onboard memories, you can store your favorite setups and recall them with dedicated buttons.

Headphone Playing that Inspires You

The idea of using headphones as more than a tool to play without bothering those around you, but rather to inhance the personal playing/practice experience is what Boss have focussed on. An integrated gyro sensor tracks your head movements as you play, driving sophisticated 3D algorithms that provide a sense of spatial realism that is, quite frankly, unbelievable.

Boss have also included Bluetooth playback functionality that allows you to play and practice along to your favourite tracks, which can also exist in this modelled 3D environment.

Control the Space

The only thing better than a virtual environment is a virtual environment you can control. Using the Boss Tone Studio App you can “position” your virtual amp and “band”(backing track) in whichever area  in the 3D space you prefer, allowing you to recreate your ideal environment. 

Fully Wireless

Providing the ability to fully immerse yourself in the experience, the Waza Air operates completely wirelessly.

Boss have again repurposed their tried and tested technology, this time in the form of the WL Series wireless units to ensure premium sound quality and great playing feel with ultra-low latency.

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