Artist Profile: Dans Frikkie Dans

If you’ve ever spent time along the West Coast of the Western Cape, you may have heard whispers of a great band doing the rounds. Guys who rock sleepy towns with stellar music that gets feet tapping. They are Dans Frikkie Dans, and they are taking the Cape by storm!

Dans Frikkie Dans started their journey in October 2015 and have since played up and down the West Coast. They have played in venues like Captains Cabin in Saldanha Bay, Marc’s Beach Bar and have even gone as far as Somerset West to play at the Old Bridge Tavern. The okes from the coast don’t just play open venues though. They are also available to play at private functions like weddings and corporate events.

The band plays a variety of music genres all mixed together to form one unique sound. They play Afrikaans folk dance, reggae, blues rock, rock & roll and pop. This means that there is something for everyone.

In 2017, Dans Frikkie Dans went on to win the Quay Four Battle of the Bands.

The Members

A good band is more than just a collection of guys who play together.
A good band is the coming together of ideas and personalities in a way that encourages new development. Dans Frikkie Dans has mastered the art of finding the perfect bandmates.

On lead vocals and rhythm guitar, we have Louis Van Lill. Louis has been making music since 2005, plays in various bands and has a solo side project.

Next is Hannes Carstens on bass. Hannes has been playing professionally for over 15 years, so has a wealth of knowledge to offer the band. He is also the resident comedian of the band.

Closing up the lineup is the drummer, Ian Gous. Ian doesn’t just play the drums though. He is also the band’s backup vocalist and has been performing since 2006.

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