The Cymbal For You – Breaking Down The Zildjian Range

Zildjian is without a doubt the most iconic name in cymbals worlwide. Established in 1623, it is also one of the oldest musical instrument manufacturers in the world. This legacy has led them to their current place as one of the most trusted cymbal manufacturers, with a extensive range of cymbals, catering for everyone fom beginners to professionals. 

Trusted by greats like Taylor Hawkins, Josh Dun, Questlove, Aaron Spears, and so many more, the name Zildjian is synonymous with quality and reliability.

Join us in taking a look at Zildjian’s range of cymbals, and find the cymbal for you. 

Planet Z

Your journey of musical expression starts with Planet Z – a series of cymbals made for drummers looking for the standard sizes and sounds to tackle any style of music. Crafted from brass, these cymbals are bright and cutting with a more controlled and focused sound. Like all Zildjian cymbals, Planet Z is proudly made in the USA.

i Family

Moving up the stack, we have the i Family. Taking its name from Ilham, the Turkish word for inspiration, the I Family is a collection of expressive sounds designed to bring your playing to the next level.  Replacing the discontinued ZBT series, I Family features modern weights, modern profiles, and fresh FX sounds.  Broaden your sonic horizons from the fundamentals and let your individual voice shine! 

S Family

Crafted from Zildjian’s B12 alloy, S Family features the kind of musicality and versatility not normally found in a line of non-cast cymbals. A huge assortment of cymbal sizes, weights and FX options allow you to curate a sound that’s exactly you. Each cymbal features extensive hammering and lathing for the most musical and dynamic non-cast cymbal you’ve ever heard.

A Family

With a broad spectrum of weights and a higher pitch, A Family cymbals offer a wide variety of sound colors, ideal for all genres and reflecting today’s musical styles.

A Avedis – Reminiscent of cymbals from the 30’s through the 60’s, yet distinctly modern and relevant for today’s music, the A Avedis collection is a vintage recreation of the timeless sound and feel heard and played on thousands of top hits throughout the 20th century.

A Zildjian – Zildjian’s classic sound is embodied by A Zildjian and immortalized in countless recordings by the greatest drummers of all time. Known for their versatility, these bright cymbals range from thin and delicate to extra heavy and cutting.

A Custom – Recognized by their striking brilliant finish, A Custom cymbals feature unique tonal grooves and lower profiles. Together, these attributes produce a smoother, glassier and brighter sounding cymbal with more give when struck. It is these qualities that have made the sound of A Customs particularly sought after in the studio.

K Family

With their lighter weight and lower pitch, K family cymbals offer a more robust sound perfect for acoustic performances and intimate settings.

K Constantinople – The legendary “K Con” is the pinnacle of the Zildjian cymbal line, renowned for its perfect blended sound quality. Complex hammering contributes to the cymbal’s unique sonic identity and dark tones that can be at once cutting and smooth.

K Custom – Drawing from the spirit of the legendary K Zildjian range, K Custom cymbals are dark, rich and dry and enable today’s drummers to utilize complex K sounds in a more modern musical environment.

K Kerope – The K Kerope line draws from Zildjian’s rich history and cymbal making expertise to bring forth the most authentic vintage K recreation to date. These handcrafted cymbals look as they sound – dark, and complex.

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