Scott Ian Anarchy X Jackson guitar

If you’re a rhythm guitarist and a fan of the band Anthrax, then this is the prefect guitar for you. Introducing the Scott Ian Anarchy X Jackson guitar.

Scott Ian is one of the legends of thrash metal. He founded the band Anthrax in 1981 alongside bassist Dan Lilker. The band has defined and shaped the style and sound of thrash music since they started. So there is little doubt that this guitar would be any thrash players dream.

Stylistically there is no guitar that comes close to the Scott Ian Anarchy X Jackson guitar. With the Anarchy “Thraxaram” graphic, in addition to the signature Jackson headstock, this guitar is guaranteed to get noticed.

No Frills

The Scott Ian Anarchy X Jackson guitar has not been built for nuance. This is a no frills, plug in and rock out machine. To clarify, this guitar has only one pickup, and the only pot controls volume. In other words, there are no balancing pickup positions and rolling your tone off slightly to create little differences in your playing. No, with this guitar you have bridge position pickup and volume. That’s it.

When playing thrash as a rhythm guitarist, that is pretty much all you need, though. Plug in, turn the volume to 11, rock out.

The guitar is made of basswood and features a neck-thru construction. Because of the neck-thru, the top frets of the guitar are easy to reach and comfortable to play. Furthermore, this neck style offers improved sustain and clarity when being played.

The neck itself has a rosewood fingerboard with custom lightning blot inlays. To ensure that the neck is comfortable to play in all positions, it features a compound radius.

In Conclusion

This guitar isn’t for everyone, and it lacks versatility. It does one thing, but it does that one thing very well. So, if you are looking for a guitar that is perfect for Thrash Rhythm playing, you will be hard pressed to fins anything better than the Scott Ian Anarchy X Jackson.

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