Save Our Industry! #LightsAreRed

As ominous this may appear this in fact for a good cause.

With the advent of the nationwide lockdown, many industries have had to put a hold on all operations until further notice.

#LightSAred is an initiative that took place on Wednesday, 5th August, to remind the Government that the Events & Entertainment Industry is in severe distress and needs assistance.

In solidarity with the rest of our industry, all our stores will be lit red from Wednesday until Saturday this week.

On Wednesday the 5th of August our team members will all be wearing red, while our online channels will further spread the message.

We would like to encourage everyone to participate by doing the following:

  • If you see any buildings lit in red on 5 August, please take a photo, share it on your social media platform and remember to tag: #LightSAred
  • If you are able to, light your own home / garden / wall in red and share on your own social media platform, take a photo, share and remember to include: #LightSAred
  • Share one of your favorite photos from a concert, show, festival or live sporting event and include #LightSAred on your social media pages
  • Visit the #LightSAred website at to see which buildings will be lit in red and to find out more about our campaign

Save Our Industry! #LightSAred