Roland Releases 2.0 Update for Fantom Synthesizers

Since launching FANTOM one year ago, Roland has released three major free updates that expand and evolve its creative and performance possibilities. Existing and prospective Fantom owners will be excited to hear that the major Version 2.0 firmware update has just been released, bringing FANTOM users powerful sampling capabilities—including multisampling—new TFX processor, new sequencer edit features and more.

Sampling Evolved

FANTOM v2.0 allows you to sample directly to the keyboard, or to build detailed multisamples, with up to 352 samples per tone. Keyboard samples and multisamples can be edited on board and used as the basis of any oscillator/partial in a ZEN-Core tone and with four oscillators per tone—and up to 16 tones in a Scene—the sound design potential is mind-bending.

And more...

There are also new sequencer edit gestures, a new Microscope edit mode, new Zone features including individual transpose, new Scene Chain features and customizable wallpaper for your touchscreen.

Here’s a summary of all the new features:

  • Sample direct to keyboard and edit directly with up to 352 samples per tone
  • Samples and multisamples can be used as the basis of any oscillator/partial in a ZEN-Core tone
  • 90 effects available in the Master section as TFX (Total Effects) Processor
  • New touchscreen sequencing gestures for drawing automations and editing
  • New MICROSCOPE mode for sequencer for more detailed fine-tuning
  • New enhancements to the ZONE CTRL to allow a combined mode to layer internal and external sounds on each zone
  • Individual ZONE transposition
  • Visualize your SCENES in a Scene List and add MARKERS for quick navigation
  • Improved AFTERTOUCH sensitivity
  • Customise your touchscreen wallpaper

Already a Fantom Owner?

Download v2.0 update now to get started… and always remember to back-up before updating.

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